The four-sided projected space is abstractly depicted by posters, floating three wireframe human bodies
Installations Narrative/storytelling

Spontaneous Adventure

Spontaneous Adventure is an introspective immersive experience that blends 5 view projectors and surrounds sound technology to tell a story about how gender oppression reflects on my dreams.


Chenyan Yu


Rosalie Yu


Memories lurk deep inside our brains, sometimes uncanny but with lasting impacts. These stories may come from the past, future, or collective subconscious, vividly expressing our deepest fears and desires. These memories we call dreams. Spontaneous Adventure is an introspective mixed reality experience that tells the story of how gender oppression affects my dreams using 5-view projection technology and immersive audio. Dreams have been my utopia since childhood, and I have captured those fleeting memories for 7 years. With a background in graphic design, I have attempted to translate the diversity of my dreams into multiple medias.

The four-sided projected space is abstractly depicted by posters, floating three wireframe human bodies


After studying at ITP, I learned how to create an experience that breaks the boundary between reality and virtuality. I started to think about what I could do for my dreams in this thesis project, and I realized that there was an elephant in my dream. Although I look full of expectations and ambitions on the outside, I am the only one who knows how many times I almost didn't survive from the killer's hands in my dreams. I've turned all these reflections and doubts into the Spontaneous Adventure. This innovative project is an ode to girls and marginalized individuals who endure countless challenges and dilemmas in their daily lives. The experience has three stages, smoothly transitioning with a hypnosis fade-in and a meditation fade-out. The central narrative follows a girl who battles with recurring nightmares that blend reality and dreams. With the help of her psychologist, she embarks on an adventure toward the root cause of everything.

Technical Details

The audience lies on a large circular black carpet surrounded by projections. Quiet meditation atmosphere.