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Art Culture Installations Music Narrative/storytelling Performance


Through an interactive and immersive experience, this artwork explores the gravitational attractions and inevitable encounters that shape our lives, which let us contemplate the gravitational forces that guide us and bring us together.


Changqi Yu


Simone Salvo


Every particle in the universe is subject to the laws of gravitational attraction, including planets, galaxies, and even larger-scaled objects, so as ourselves. Have you ever reflected on the serendipitous encounters that brought significant people into your life or the pivotal decisions that led you to where you are today? While we may dismiss these occurrences as mere coincidences, but could it be that the force of gravity was guiding us towards our destiny? Perhaps we are subconsciously drawn towards certain objects, just as they are attracted to us. Every encounter in our lives holds a reason, we are shaped by countless coincidences that we may not even be aware of. This project explores how universal attractions perform in the universe and how to visually express gravitational attractions through coding and artistic presentations. It began with researching the mathematical formulas that represent gravitational force and expanded to larger-scale objects such as galaxy collisions and the form of gravitational waves. These theories were then applied to real-life scenarios to showcase how we meet and develop relationships with representations in Processing and Touchdesigner. In a performance piece, several dancers will dance in a canvas filled with stardust, generating their own galaxy due to gravitational forces and attracting each other into a new galaxy, which will finally disperse and diminish. While we once met at a certain point in our lives, nothing lasts forever, and we will eventually have to separate. This artwork reminds us to cherish every moment we have with those around us, as everything in the universe will eventually finally dim into nothingness.

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Technical Details

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