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The Collection: 3 Years

"3 Years" is a collection of art projects reflecting China's policy on Covid-19. 3 Years contains three different multi-media art projects that feature some technologies like AR, interactive video, and installation.


Honglin Cai


Juliette Powell


"3 Years" is an art project that reflects on China's policy on Covid-19, while also exploring themes of identity, belonging, and the human experience. As an international student unable to return home for three years due to current events in China, the artist seeks to use humor as a tool to express the impact of the policy on Chinese society. Through a combination of mixed media and installation art, "3 Years" invites viewers to engage with the experience of living through a global pandemic as a member of a specific culture and community. Ultimately, the project aims to challenge preconceived notions and broaden understanding, while also serving as a testament to the resilience and spirit of the human condition in the face of adversity.

Header Image 3years


During city lockdown, mandatory quarantine, and compulsory universal Covid testing, the image of people wearing protective suits became a scary symbol of the past three years for many Chinese people. Perhaps making the best of a bad situation is how humans show their resilience in adversity. Chinese people make fun of this symbol and joke about it; although images like that might be censored in Chinese social media and cause trouble.  

Technical Details

"See U Soon" Use Character Creator to design a customized 3D model for each family portrait, use iClone to animate, and AE to compose at the end. "Landscape" C4D composes the photo with the 3D figure and uses Lens Studio to create the AR filter. "Take a Walk" Gen-1 in Runway to generate the video with a prompt that relates to some events that happened during Covid-19 in China. Use Touch Designer connected to the camera to make the interactive function.

demo video of landscapeclip of take a walkclips of See U Soon