Many TV screen, displaying the scene the have been show before.

InaBlinkOfAnEye | The construction of illusion

This project is a VR language exploration. By using the affordances offered by contemporary VR hardware devices, the project endeavors to investigate the elements that contribute to the player's sense of subjectivity in virtual space, while also seeking to integrate the concept of hyperlinks into a potential montage technique for virtual reality.


Jingxi Guo


Despina Papadopoulos


The project aims to use the affordances provided by contemporary VR hardware devices to investigate new language/(grammars) that could be used in VR storytelling. Which is about the protagonist who came to the countryside for field recording. Some strange events made the protagonist gradually question the authenticity of the world and began to look for the authenticity of the world. The project primarily focuses on two aspects: the subjectivity of players in the virtual world, and potential methods for Mise-en-scène in the virtual world. The concept of subjectivity refers to the player's perception of themselves within the virtual environment. With reference to Michel Chion's theory of tight synchresis and loose synchresis, the project researches the physical body-virtual body mapping mechanism. The project also aims to explore a new Mise-en-scène method in VR. Incorporating the concept of hyperlinks into potential montage techniques. The physical body navigates through a visual coherence world, enabling players to navigate between different scenes and environments.

Many TV screen, displaying the scene the have been show before.


Down below is the reference I use in this research. The Game of Video Game Objects – Jesper Jull “Question I: When do we experience pixels as an object, rather than just as a picture? A: If the object signified by the pixels reacts to our actions, or interacts with other objects in the game world, especially if relevant for what we are doing. Question II: When does an on-screen object signifying a ball (etc.) feel like a ball? A: When it can do the ball-like things relevant for what we are trying to do." Question III: When do we consider a video game object as a real object of its type? A: When it's a type of object that we don't define as physical in the first place, but all depending on what we are trying to use it for."   What is interactive storytelling? - Chang Shi The Illusion of Autonomy “How does the "illusion of autonomy" or "false free will" come about? At the beginning of the interactive narrative, it is necessary for the system to provide a series of options for the user to establish the persona of the main character of the story.”   La audiovision - Michel Chion  

Technical Details

Oculus Quest 2 Unity XR Toolkits A human brain and eyes

Illustation of Grab interactionA combination interaction.