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The Light

"The Light" is a first-person interactive narrative video game that brings to life the touching story of the relationship between the author and her grandmother. Through this story, the game explores a range of themes, including love, loss, growth, and the passage of time, and examines how our past experiences shape who we are today.


Nancy Li


Juliette Powell


The Light is an interactive narrative game based on a true story about my relationship with my grandmother. Through a reverse chronological and first-person perspective, the game tells the story of how I, feeling lost in life, revisited the past to relive the joyful moments of my childhood with my grandmother, experienced the pain of losing her again, and eventually found my way forward as an adult. The game aims to bring the experience of reading poetry to life by visualizing each line as a scene that represents a specific memory. By slowing down the pace of the poem, players can fully immerse themselves in the emotions and memories embedded within the poetry. In the game, players encounter many metaphors that reflect the complex emotions and experiences of the story. The setting is a dark and mysterious world, with a beam of light serving as a guide for players to navigate their way. The player's character is small in comparison to the large and enchanting objects related to my grandmother, creating a sense of magic. The game consists of four unique scenes, each representing a different experience and emotion. In each scene, players must locate and interact with 1-2 significant objects that trigger memories of my grandmother. By collecting all the objects, players will eventually come to my grandmother's grave and complete the full story experience.



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