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Dopamine Delusion

Dopamine Delusion is a VR experience exploring the relationship between addiction, motivation, and happiness. Guided by the avatar of dopamine, players navigate surreal portals of indulgence and challenges. With each decision impacting subsequent scenes, the experience challenges players to consider the consequences of their choices and offers a fresh perspective on the pursuit of personal fulfillment.


Jingjing Wu


Rosalie Yu


At this moment, we are living in an era where we have unparalleled accessibility to high-reward stimuli that can release high levels of dopamine. You may have experienced this yourself, starting with indulging in something pleasurable, only to find it hard to break the habit. The satisfaction that once accompanied the activity may have disappeared, replaced by a sense of emptiness - this is what I call the Dopamine Delusion. Inspired by Dr. Anna Lembke's "Dopamine Nation," I interviewed friends and delved deeper into the concept of indulgence. I wanted to create a VR experience that could help people break out of this cycle. Applying the idea that each pleasure induced by dopamine is counterbalanced by a certain amount of pain, I designed different portals that represent a mental journey through indulgence, motivation, and challenges. Each portal has a unique visual style and color, aiming to evoke different emotions and experiences. As players make choices that impact subsequent scenes, my hope is to encourage them to consider their own relationship with indulgence and fulfillment, and to understand the psychological mechanisms behind their desire for instant gratification. The portals symbolize a path to self-discovery, with the ultimate goal of finding balance in our lives.


Technical Details

Unreal Engine 5, Blender, Adobe creative suite