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Whiskering: Sketch II

Whiskering is a collection of interactive installations and experiments that investigate the organic and logical processes behind human behavior and subconscious decision-making. In Sketch II, the artist employs an ever-evolving spatial soundscape to engage the audience in a dynamic spatiotemporal relationship. The installation creates an immersive and evolving experience, exploring the complex interplay between the individual and the environment.


Kelin Guang


Adaora Udoji


The word whiskering typically refers to the thin, faded lines formed from creases that appear on a pair of jeans. Although today these lines are often created artificially by machines to give jeans a retro feel, originally its formation is a natural process unique to each wearer. The artist behind Whiskering: Sketch II uses the term to explore the organic relationship between cause and effect in subconscious decision-making. Through an ever-evolving soundscape, Whiskering: Sketch II delves into the dynamic spatiotemporal relationship between the individual and their surroundings. Drawing inspiration from the negative space created by the movement of birds in a crowded square, the installation uses tracking and panning to create an invisible sound sculpture. This sculpture conveys the delicate and ephemeral tension between the conscious being and the space it occupies, as the spatiotemporal sound continuously sculpts and describes the environment constructed by the audience.


Technical Details