Deer and field drawn in color pencil
Art Narrative/storytelling

Selfward: Evidence I Lived

A web journal that explores religion and worldview through 1) my personal narratives and 2) interactive web games that entice users to contemplate existential questions.


Kevin Lee


Juliette Powell


During my undergraduate years studying Illustration, I often found myself grappling with a persistent frustration - the limitation of a single image to convey the intricacy of my ideas. As I stood at my illustration shows, observing viewers breeze past my pieces without an inkling of curiosity, I felt an overwhelming sense of dissatisfaction and a yearning to create art that could communicate on a sublime level. To cope, I developed a habit of drawing in series and journaling poetically on a daily basis, striving to imbue my sketchbooks with my essence. When I arrived at ITP, I finally found the opportunity to merge my diverse skill sets into a cohesive practice that, when combined with code, finally reaches my readers in the ways I had always hoped for. Though some may view my art as self-centered, it is actually born out of a profound desire to connect with others on a deep level and to understand the complexities of the human experience. Recently, I discovered the term "Sonder," which refers to the realization that every individual around us leads a complex existence, replete with its own triumphs and struggles. As a teenager, I longed for the guidance of mentors who could shed light on my struggles, and to this day, I still yearn for art that illuminates the multifaceted nature of humanity. With my latest piece, "SelfWard: Evidence I Lived," I aim to showcase the kind of art that I wish to see from others. Structurally, the website is built around a homepage featuring doors inspired by the Ten Commandments from Christianity. While I no longer identify purely as a Christian, I find that these commandments provide a solid framework for exploring a wide range of topics. Each door leads to an experience that delves into what I believe to be the most compelling conversation or idea surrounding each of God's laws. Some of these experiences may diverge from Christian teachings, while others may align with them. However, the goal of this site is not to argue for or against a particular belief, but rather to focus on my candid experiences of these conceptual ideas as they manifest in the physical world. Even after graduation, I plan to continue building on this website, viewing it as a memoir and epitaph of my life experience. As time marches on, new stories will inevitably find their way onto the site, and viewers may begin to see how each project informs the others, revealing my growth and development over time.

Deer and field drawn in color pencil


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