In the Eyes of Others

Experience a journey of self-discovery in 'In the Eyes of Others.' This immersive VR project invites you to navigate the tension between external opinions and inner thoughts. Through interactive experiences, explore how the views of others shape our sense of self and the importance of trusting our own intuition.


Luhan Rong


Simone Salvo


"In the Eyes of Others" is a virtual reality project that aims to explore the complex relationship between external influences and our internal sense of self. Growing up, we are often surrounded by individuals who offer opinions and advice on who we should be and what we should do. This prompts the question of how much weight we should give to external perspectives when it comes to defining ourselves. Through immersive VR experiences, the project challenges participants' perspectives by placing them in situations where external opinions and inner thoughts constantly collide. Users will be able to interact with the environment through gaze interaction and explore the environment as though they are in the moment. This allows for a visceral experience of the tension between external opinions and internal thoughts. As users progress through the experiences, they will be confronted with different decision points that challenge their perceptions and values. This helps individuals to navigate the tension between external opinions and internal thoughts and encourages self-reflection and self-discovery in defining who they truly are. Ultimately, "In the Eyes of Others" invites individuals to consider the impact of external influences on our internal sense of self and to explore the importance of self-reflection and self-discovery in defining our identities. By immersing users in interactive VR experiences, the project aims to empower individuals to trust their own intuition while remaining open to the perspectives of others.



Technical Details

My VR project uses gaze interaction to allow players to interact with the environment by looking at objects or characters, creating an intuitive and engaging experience. With no traditional controller, players are free to immerse themselves in the storyline, interacting with the environment naturally. This is demonstrated through real-time response when players play the piano, and engaging in conversations with actors in the story. These features enhance the immersive and realistic experience of the project.