Narrative/storytelling VR/AR


Home is an introspective virtual reality experience about navigating belonging and finding a home away from the familiar.


Oscar Durand


Rosalie Yu


Home is a virtual reality experience based on my journey to create my own definition of home. As a migrant and a child of migrants, my life has been defined by distance and finding a sense of belonging. I grew up in Peru, a country that suffered a deep economic, social, and political crisis during the 80s and 90s. When I was twelve, my father migrated to the United States, looking for better economic opportunities. Because of the distance, keeping in touch with him was very difficult. It was this distance that got me interested in the world beyond Peru. In the following years, I also migrated and became a photojournalist, a job that took me around the world. Constantly moving and disconnected from my family and where I was born, I struggled to answer the question, "Where is home for you?" Using photogrammetry and digitally-generated environments, I recreated a selection of my memories, which I used as the VR experience's narrative foundation. Through this journey, I discovered that defining home is a continuous process. After all, home is not a place fixed in time or space. For me, the idea of home exists in our memories, and we carry it everywhere we go.


Technical Details

This project was created using Unreal Engine 5. Photogrammetry model created with Reality Capture.

Image from Home, a VR experience by Oscar Durand. The image shows a representation of the inside of a plane.