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The Next Chapter

Step into a world where AI and algorithms generate the perfect responses for "effortless" socializing. Get your social score based on your interactions and see how well you do! But beware my satirical take on algorithm might make you think twice about the cost of efficiency. Join me and explore the future of socializing!


Ruoxiao Sun


Rosalie Yu


Welcome to a future age where artificial intelligence has been fully developed and changed the way we communicate with each other. In this world, even the messages we send to our friends can be automatically generated by AI based on our interests, behavior, and communication patterns, making socializing 100% efficient. This is the world that I present to you, where AI has become an integral part of our daily lives, and every conversation we have is monitored and scored based on its positive or negative impact.   My interactive website offers a unique experience where you can interact with others and choose AI-generated conversation responses to make your conversations as efficient as possible. Each time you interact with someone on the site, you will receive a social score rating based on the overall atmosphere of the conversation. The more efficient your discussion is, the more points you earn, and your social score will increase.   But as you delve deeper into this world, you'll discover more than meets the eye. Behind the façade of seamless communication and effortless socializing lies a complex system of hidden scores and data mining. Every interaction you have with others is analyzed, scrutinized, and scored. And based on these scores, you'll be given a social score rating, which reflects the overall atmosphere of the conversation - whether it's positive or negative.   It's a world where efficiency and productivity are valued above all else and social interactions are reduced to a mere means to an end. But is this really the future we want? This is a social experiment to see how people react to being watched or controlled by algorithms. Will people be disingenuous in their reaction when they think they “know” how the algorithm works? Join me as we explore the consequences of AI and algorithm misuse, and uncover the potential dangers of a world where human connection is reduced to a cold, calculated science.


Technical Details

The website will ask for user's camera while playing the game.