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In Lines We Trust: Film & Worldbuilding

This film pre-development project aims to create a cost-effective workflow for producing high-quality assets by exploring interactive gameplay, photogrammetry, AI, and more. The focus is on world-building, using these tools to develop detailed environments, and valid representations of Brooklyn.


Senqué Little-Poole


Despina Papadopoulos


In Lines We Trust is a film pre-development and world building project that explores a technical workflow for producing high-quality assets on a low budget. The project leverages technologies such as photogrammetry, and AI to create realistic 3D models, motion and sound for environments, characters, and props. The goal is to provide a blueprint for myself as a filmmaker, for ways to to develop and visualize vision, in order to affordably, and efficiently produce content without sacrificing quality. The resulting assets will be optimized for real-time rendering engines like Unreal Engine, allowing for seamless integration into the production pipeline. They can be experienced online through an on-going interactive map page for this project, and the comprehensive previsualization developed from this Thesis. 


Inspired by critical media studies and black liberation theory, the Dystopian Paradise Manifesto encourages embracing the absurdity of existence and reorienting to new paradigms of being. This project, Infinite Questions on Nothing (IQON), creates independent, animated content for distribution on the internet. The current project is a trippy, action-filled comedy film commenting on post-pandemic society, class, crime, and character, depicting a laborer/artist's fight for validation. With over 65,000 gig workers in New York City from various regions, we are fighting for fair pay, healthcare insurance, and means to dispute wage theft and algorithmic discrepancies. In Lines We Trust.

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