Aeron Chair

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This is a machine for taking a high-resolution interactive photograph of the soon-to-be released Aeron Chair by Herman Miller. I built this for Clement Mok Design and collaborated with a mechanic, a photographer and graphic designer to take thousands of still photographs necessary for creating an object movie. The software for displaying the resulting QTVR Movie is written in Director. The display software popped up details of the chair’s features as a user panned and tilted I the chair to examine it. Conversely, it spun the chair to display particular listed feature. This was the most elaborate and high-resolution object movie at that time. I spoke about it at Viscomm and it was widely written about including an ID Magazine award for best presentation design.

Technical Notes: The capturing rig used a Director interface, which controlled two large motors using Alpha Products cards and controlled the shutter of what was then a very unusual and sophisticated digital camera from Nikon.

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