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Camera Hat for Complicated Televisions

I have a Master’s Degree in Interactive Telecommunications so I get a lot of calls to help people with their technical systems.  These calls are mostly from my Mom wanting to watch TV and they mostly result from her not understanding the universal remote.  My life on the family AV squad would be helped if I could see what she sees when she calls.  I thought it would be nice to give her a hat with a camera in it.  My first thought was one of those swell network cameras. They are small wireless and I would not have to do any of the netwoking.  Unfortunately my Mom does not have an Internet connection.  My next thought was to use some the solutions that the lifecasting folks are using like Qik but I don’t think that can stream to another phone and she usually need help when I am out and about.  Also I kind of wanted learn how to program for Android so I decided to do it myself on one of those.  I did it as a one day project for ITP’s 4in4.

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First Web Browsings Turn Up YORB

This historical document shows that our YORB figured prominently in the very earliest Web browsing:
Screen shot of Tim Berners-Lee’s browser editor as developed in 1991-92. This was a true browser editor for the first version of HTML and ran on a NeXT workstation. Implemented in Objective-C, it, made it easy to create, view and edit web documents. Adding a new hypertext link was a breeze!  In the center bottom of this screen shot  see the “Welcome to YORB” and write up about the program.