Big Mosh


This is a prototype for an interactive television show where the interaction is on the scale of a building or an entire neighborhood. For instance, the Upper West Side could play the Upper East Side in a game of volley ball by placing a camera on Central Park South can be aimed northward to include a view of Central Park West on the left of the screen and 5th Avenue on the right of the screen. People living within view of the camera can turn on and off their lights to register with the software. The image from the camera is overlaid with a virtual object and shown live on television. People in their homes can push the object back and forth across the park by simply turning on and off their light switches.

Technical Notes: For the installation I used a poster of some buildings and a wall full of light switches. I wrote this software using Macromedia Director/Lingo and Danny Rozin’s Track Them Colors Xtra.

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