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Slow Glass


Project Description: Inspired by a science fiction short story, the idea is to give glass a memory. If you replace one pane of your window with memory glass, you can capture the view from that pane in the window at every moment. As the window ages, you see the changes that time brings — people, technologies and fashions change, neighborhoods transform and people grow up.

In the installation a user can alter the time shown in the memory pane through a spinning a globe, which serves as the controller.

Technical Notes: I wrote the capturing software as a Java application and used a Basic Stamp for the globe’s microcontroller.

Virtualizing Glass


This is an augmented reality device in the form of a magnifying glass. It annotates real-world objects in real space. It also serves as an input device and allows users to place virtual annotations in physical space. It as exhibited at Siggraph New York Conference.

Technical Notes: I used VRML for the simulation, Director for the video capture and a PIC chip connected to a Quickcam for the tracking.

Augmented Reality Chair


This is a chair for overlaying virtual information onto the physical world. This chair, done for Apple Computer, was an augmented reality system that allowed people to extend their desktop to their entire room. Virtual objects could be dragged off the desktop onto any object in the room. A screen hanging off the chair would then overlay that virtual object on that spot in the room. It also allowed a portion of another room to be layered on top of the existing room using QTVR.

Technical Notes: This project was done using a Blue Earth microcontroller, programmed in Basic. The overlay software was created in HyperCard.