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Mindprobe On-Line

Project Description: I wrote a Java applet where people can participate in a synchronous chat environment while at the same time competing in a trivia game. I also wrote the game server that controls the game flow, timing and keeps score for all the clients on the network and picks a winner.

This was a collaboration with Sharleen Smith, Jamie Biggar, Nancy Lewis and Tracy White.

Technical Notes:� The client was written as a Java applet and the game control using Macromedia Director/Lingo.� The scorekeeping was written in CGI/Perl.

VWorlds Prototypes


Project Description: I created several animatics of concept ideas for Microsoft’s VWorld Software. These were created for presentation to Bill Gates at the initial stages of the software development. One design allowed users to go online for help making decisions. Another allowed users to watch television together and a third allowed individuals to write their own obituary and have others vote on their reincarnation.

I worked with Linda Stone and Lili Cheng of Microsoft Research.

Technical Notes: The animatics were made using Macromedia Director.