Mirror Play 4-7

Project Description: This project is a continuation of a three previous Mirrorplay projects that experiment with mirrors that selectively capture a reflection.�This iteration still keys out the background but switches between different criteria for digitizing the foreground, stomping, heads, skin, and suddeness.


In the stomping mode, for ground in image is added permanently to the background when the user stomps their foot. This allows a use to compose a collage by placing themselves or holding things in front of the mirror and then stomping when everything is in the right position.


In suddeness mode the mirror records the foreground when it suddenly changes. If a person stands perfectly still they will disappear but if they then jump suddenly their image will be recorded. The result of this is a collection of images of people making a sudden transition from a meditative state to a frantic state.


In the heads mode, if one person is standing in front of the mirror the software removes their head and floats it around the screen bouncing off the walls.

If two or more people stand in front of the mirror, the software takes the head from one person and places it on the shoulders of the next person.

Typicially people are amused by this and the software keeps a collection of smiling faces and displays them when no one is standing in front of the mirror.

SKIN MODE (picture missing)

In the skin mode mirror reflects skin. The software blends new skin on old skin until the mirror is covered with various flesh tones and hints of features. This was too disgusting so I dropped it.


The mirror is mounted in the back on a hinge. To switch between “HEAD”, “STOMP” and “SUDDENESS” modes the user deflects the mirror slightly by turning it on that hinge.

Technical Notes: This was written as a Java application using QuickTime for video digitizing.

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