Trivia/Polling Web Game Engine


Project Description: This system allows television producers to easily create games for the Web that compliment their on-air programming. The system is comprised of several modules. The first is a web interface for writers to create questions for the Web audience. The second module is a web interface for producers to arrange questions into a timeline for a show and to schedule the question playback on the web. There is also a centralized SQL database for storing all the questions and shows. The third module, or web interface, is for the producer to play back the show on the web and keep score. There is also a bot in the playback engine that will automatically choose the best question within a range set by the producer, so the system can run shows continuously. Finally, the last module contains an interface for the end-user that displays the questions, the scores, and the chat of other contestants and relays the users’ answers to the playback engine.

I worked with Ethan Adelman at Oxygen media.

Technical Notes: I wrote all the interfaces in Macromedia Director/Lingo outputting to Shockwave, the middleware in Perl and the database is in MS-SQL.

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