Window Shows


These were a series of shows that aired on Manhattan Cable Television using touch-tones to direct the video. The first, the Healing Hand, asked people to hold hands via the television. People could call in and have their voice passed on air to give testimony. The second, Marianne Rubberhead was another healing experiment, but viewers also had an opportunity to rotate the orb and find out more about the oracle. Both of these were done in collaboration with Marianne Petit. Interactive Television Tutorial walked viewer through the steps necessary to turn off their television set. Viewers could use their touch-tones to pace the lessons.

Technical Notes: The programming was done in Cando on an Amigo. A Video Toaster was used for the video switching and effects. The 3D graphics were pre-rendered in Swivel 3D. The video was pressed on to a laserdisc and controlled by the Amigo. A box that I built decoded the touch-tones.

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