Producing Participatory Media
Week 1 - January 20


  • Blogging
  • RSS

  • Blogging - The act of writing a "web log" or blog

    Weblogs or Blogs are personal content management systems. Blogging rose when content management systems geared for large website management started to be developed for use on personals websites. They allowed people to publish personal content without the need to learn HTML and other related technologies. Blog technology basically allows anyone to publish online with very little cost and with only a small amount of technical know-how.

    Standard blogging software has a couple interesting technologies that encourage social behavior. Both of these things encourage social behavior as well as links between blogs creating a loose network.

    Let's look at how this is structured in our blog.

    Instructions for setting up a blog on ITP's Server (courtesy of Dedi).

    RSS - Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary

    RSS is an XML based content syndication format. It became popular due to the possibilities that it opened up in the blogging world. Currently it is in wide use throughout news sites, blogs and other regularly updated web based content sites. It has begun to replace email newsletters as it is on-demand and not susceptible to spam. There are a wide variety of RSS readers or News aggregators for a myriad of devices and plenty of add on services.

  • Desktop News Aggregators
  • Online News Aggregators

  • A couple of feeds:
  • Producing Participatory Media Class Blog Feed
  • Shawn's Little Output Feed
  • Feed
  • 4th Floor (Somebody should resurrect this)

  • or:

  • Search, Browse or otherwise find RSS feeds

  • You can usually find feeds by looking for a text like this: "Syndicate this site (XML)" or an image link that looks like:

    For more information:

  • RSS - Wikipedia
  • RSS Specifications
  • RSS at Harvard (specifications)
  • My Wiki: ParsingXML - RSS with Perl
  • My Wiki: ParsingWithProcessing - RSS with Processing