ITP Camp 2017

Dates + Fees


ITP Camp 2017 will run Friday, June 2nd through Thursday, June 29th featuring a hearty trail mix of Camp-led (organized by the Camp Director and Camp staff) and Camper-led (organized by Camp attendees) workshops, talks, discussions, field trips, experiments, hackathons, and more!

Note: Applications will close when we hit our target number. Apply now!


The flat-rate fee for Camp 2017 is $1300.


The discounts we are offering this year are as follows:

A maximum of 2 discounts may be used per camper.


Teaching Credits

All campers are invited to organize sessions, big and small. If your session meets an area of big demand and need among campers you can receive partial or full refunds as acknowledgement of your contributions. These refunds are credited at rate of $100/session hour. "In Demand" is determined by the camp director & camp counselors based on some or all of these criteria:

Reimbursements are issued after the close of camp. If a camper's credit value exceeds their camp fee total, additional compensation will not be provided.

Instigators Program

ITP Camp also has a fellowship program called "The Instigators". The Instigators are a select group of people who get a free ride to ITP Camp because they will Make Things Happen, whether it be leading a group project, community building, skillsharing, etc etc. In addition to leading some of their own activities they will also be called upon occasionally to support particular Camp events or initiatives. The Instigators are expected to attend ITP Camp for the whole month and be present at ITP at least 4 or 5 days a week.

The deadline for Instigator Applications is now closed.


Fees are 100% refundable before June 2nd and 50% refundable before June 5th.

Summer Housing for ITP campers

See Details.