ITP Camp 2017

Pure Noise Raspi

Session Leaders: eva sjuve

Tags: #Noise #Pure Data #Raspberry Pi #Sensors #Physical computing

Created By: eva sjuve

This is a crash-course session running sound on Raspberry Pi using Pure Data for Sonic Interaction. A mash-up session for noise, covering different ways of getting sound from Raspi, and a simple Pure Data patch to do wicked stuff. We make a wireless instrument to send data (XBee) to Raspi/Pure data.

Bring: Raspi 2, (There are Raspberry Pi in the Shop you can check out) headphones, a USB sound card, (most generic ones work like, adafruit 1475 $4.95) with 3.5mm output Arduino Nano, Mini Pro or any Arduino + 2 analog sensors, I use light (adafruit product/1384 ,$3.95) for the demo and a push button, and jumper wires, and a breadboard.

XBee Series 1 pair and a 1 x XBee Explorer USB ( and 1 x SparkFun XBee Explorer Regulated ( or 2 x XBee adapter (adafruit) (maybe the shop has some?) and a power source such as a 9V battery + batterysnap to power the wireless sensor. If you want to use Adfruit's XBee explorer an FTDI cable is good to have, (

For the Raspi (I use Raspi 2) and Jessie, you will need to power it with USB micro cable, To enter Raspi terminal/OS you will need a small HDMI display (adafruit), (there will be some displays in the room, ER has some). USB keyboard/mouse or run it headless USB-Wifi adapter (adafruit) You will also need to prepare a small sound file in .wav (to make your own sound) in Pure data. Preferably, bring a couple of .wav files to play around with.

I will provide code to download to get you started, both for Arduino and Raspi and some XBee adaptors along. I'm thinking of making a Raspi OS downloadable, alt. copy the OS to some sd cards. I will give you the slides which will provide you with info on how to set it up.

(You can skip the XBee wireless part and go straight into Raspi from Arduino if you like)


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Kate Yourke June 3, 2017, 9:50 am

might have more rsvps if it was not at 3am! : )

eva sjuve June 3, 2017, 1:03 pm

@Kate Yourke :) !!

Emeka P June 4, 2017, 12:23 am

Can you point me in the right direction for getting ahold of exactly what\'s needed? Or, do you have a recommendations for a kit that might contain these parts (and more)? Thanks!!

eva sjuve June 4, 2017, 8:38 am

@Emeka P I just made a list of equipment. I will update it soon, but I\'m working right now. Hope it helps for now.

Emeka P June 4, 2017, 2:29 pm

Thanks so much Eva!!