ITP Camp 2017

Blockchains & Smart Contracts For Creative Coders, Makers, Interaction & Game Designers

This is the first of 3 workshops on Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Deep Identity, and the emerging decentralized Internet Of Agreements. Check out The Sense Collective's Project page for more details.

Download The Sense Collective’s Brochure.

EcoBlockchain is a blockchain-based framework that connects databases and analysis engines, creates context, and delivers sense intelligence. It is a framework for registering, identifying, and tracking sensor data and public works activities which rely on real-world measurements and scientific analysis.

The Sense Collective introduces the hardware (Perceptagon) and Software (LumenOS/EcoBlockchain) to transition our cooperative management of social and natural capital to the decentralized web. Perceptagon is a device that plugs into our natural world and the forces that change it. It is a hardware and software system specializing in the collection, analysis and distribution of biometric, atmospheric, environmental, geospatial and temporal data. Additionally it is a node in the network.

We will examine the distinct aspects of the "old" internet, and database infrastructure which is currently crumbling under the sheer volume of "Big Data" which floods corporate "Cloud" servers every day.

Using Raspberry Pi nodes, hosting Bitcoin and Ethereum Light Clients, a Lykke Wallet and Global Exchange portal, and several innovative blockchain alternatives and plug-ins (Nexus Earth, PIVX, BOSCoin, Expanse, DASH, SONM, GOLEM) The LumenOS Operating System hosts over 100 Geospatial database frameworks, Simulation Modeling tools, AI Decision Support, alongside an amazing combination of Creative Coding frameworks, Generative Display, Sonification, Projection Mapping, and other creative tools,

This first workshop will focus on: 1) Creating your first Deep Identity account. We will check out Uport, OneName, Truffle/Metamask, Token, and a few other emerging standard-bearers who are addressing the requirements of a decentralized identity.

2.) Organizing your specification interface to begin training your own personal AI Chatbot, and Decision Support framework,

Blockchain & Smart Contracts 101 We will spend the first 1/2 of the session going through the various components of blockchain technologies and I will provide enough detail for you to spend the 2nd portion of the workshop developing your own mini-project, smart contract, cooperative fund, Public Art Intervention, or Citizen Science experiment with one of several available physical computers and sensor kits. I will have examples from MaxMSP, Arduino, and P5js as to how creative coding can be used to make sense of the various blockchain transactions in a way that helps to expand these concepts into broader use within our society.


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jonnydubowsky June 21, 2017, 4:16 pm

I didn’t realize when I put this up last night that there was a workshop going on at this time with 78 people RSVP’d. I got a few messages from people who want to attend the Blockchain workshop but at another time.

I will still be at Room 15 at 6:30, and we can have a shorter conversation where I am happy to answer specific questions, or can demonstrate a few things from my planned talk/workshop. I will reschedule the more extensive workshop, and will post another workshop as well more specifically on the Physical Computing elements of our Ecoblochain and Perceptagon projects.

jonnydubowsky June 22, 2017, 2:14 pm

@jonnydubowsky Hi! Thanks to everyone who came to chat yesterday! We ended up having a really great conversational workshop on some of the major questions and topics of concern for many new to the blockchain space. I will post a link to a wiki I have started to help organize your discovery of info on this topic, and will also add two additional workshop times to have similar round-table sessions on the topics we started covering; Deep Identity, Portable Identity that users can carry across multiple social networks and applications, attribution for knowledge workers interested in being paid for their specification work at a later date (just like in Snowcrasher), Using Physical Computers to bring Blockchain closer to creative coders and their domain. I will also post some specific items on upcoming ICO\'s and other FinTech and Alternative Asset Investment content (not investment advice, just links to content for your own personal discovery ;-)

jonnydubowsky June 22, 2017, 2:26 pm

This is a link to my Steemit page. I figure since I described making over $700 on a single post I wrote about my experiences in the ever-changing music industry over 20 years, I should use this platform to continue sharing the trail of breadcrumbs that I\'ve been able to sprinkle across various artifacts and source materials online, in pursuit of good generalist-oriented content on Blockchain. I will post several of the \"notebooks\" I\'ve been keeping, in blog-form, with some editorial on the various sources. !

jonnydubowsky June 22, 2017, 2:29 pm

@jonnydubowsky [link to my Steemit Profile](

jonnydubowsky June 22, 2017, 2:30 pm

@jonnydubowsky With a horribly executed attempt at Markdown to make it an active hyperlink.