ITP Camp 2017

Arduino To Go: Digital and Analog Read/Write

If you missed the introductory physical computing/Arduino session, or want a refresher on the basics behind digital and analog sensing this is the session for you! Jody Culkin and Eric Hagan will be conducting a short lecture and hands-on workshop to make you feel more comfortable with small scale electronics and brainstorming personal projects.

What to bring:

  • Laptop (with Arduino IDE installed if possible)
  • Arduino Uno
  • USB cable
  • Breadboard

Download Arduino IDE here. Download the IDE for Mac, Windows or Linux, don't use the online editor.

Where to get an Arduino Uno, a breadboard and a USB A-B cable?

Online vendors:

Adafruit is in Brooklyn, short turn-around time for shipping

Sparkfun Electronics

Maker Shed online store

Arduino site You can buy an Uno directly from the Arduino site.

Local stores:

Tinkersphere is located at 304 East 5th Street, within walking distance. They have a pretty extensive stock available at the store.

Microcenter is located in Sunset Park, and has a number of components (including inexpensive off-brand Arduino Unos).

Other parts will be available to borrow for the purpose of the session.

We will be referencing both our in-process book project Arduino To Go, as well as Jody's breadboard and Arduino comics.

Another very useful link: Arduino Software Reference

And a link to the slides for the session:


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AndrewC June 2, 2017, 1:42 pm

Where can I get these components?

Arduino Uno
USB cable

Emeka P June 3, 2017, 11:40 pm

@AndrewC Hey Andrew, went looking myself and found a starter kit on Amazon. More expensive than the 3 parts bought separately, but with a lot more components to allow for more projects.