ITP Camp 2022


Before You come to Camp

Are you crazy?

Okay, most of you probably can’t take the entire month of June to come and work at ITP. If you come four times in the month it is about the same time commitment and less expensive than going to a conference or taking a college class. If you can dedicate two days a week you could really begin to acquire some skills in addition to developing ideas. And you can come after work and weekends to use the facilities. On the other hand if you can camp out here you could really get something done.

Do I need to take off work to come to ITP Camp?

ITP is geared toward busy professionals (as well as moms and dads) who are excited to learn, engage, and play. The schedules are created by and geared toward our campers’ needs. You don’t need to take a week off or a month off to have a great experience. Camp is flexible in that sense, but we do encourage you to spend as much time here as you can.

I plan on only attending camp sessions online. Can I get a discount?

Nope. This is an in-person event with online access options, both synchronous (live Zoom) and asynchronous (recordings). We had originally been planning to run an in-person only event, but have received requests for online access too, so we're going to give it a try. But adding this option will require additional staff support so we have decided to keep the price the same for everyone. Note: We offer quite steep discounts, especially if you pay before the Early Bird deadline, so be sure to make use of them!

Do you recommend attending in-person or online? Or a mix?

We recommend in-person whenever possible. Online is great if you are not able to get to ITP from far or near, or are juggling family care or professional obligations. But we are so excited to be in the same space with you so please come if you can!

Why is the price for ITP Camp 2022 more expensive than previous years?

This year we are returning to our standard pricing structure. The reduced-price for 2020 & 2021 was due to a global pandemic and an attempt to improve accessibility to the event for people going through tough times. But this is not a sustainable cost structure for the long term.

What did camp schedules in the past look like?

Camp is different every year, but to get an idea, you can see previous calendars here:

Why should I send my workers to camp?

To find out what’s happening on the leading edge of technology; to give them a boost of creative energy; to augment their skills; to re-energize your business. While it’s very generous of you to pay their way, they will repay you when they come back with new skills and innovative thinking that will redound to your business. Also you don’t want them getting into mischief this summer like looking for another job.

Can I send my brilliant child/teenager to camp?

No. While we love brilliant young minds, ITP Camp is for grown ups and we mean that in the technical way, not in the “this 14 year old is more mature than most 40 year olds” kinda way. There’s lots of summer camps for young folks but not many for adults. That’s what we’re trying to explore.

I’m at ITP student. Can I come to camp?

Yes. Prospective & current students, students just accepted, and recent grads can come to ITP camp.

Does everyone who applies to camp get accepted?

No. We have an application process for the following reasons: 1. This gives us an opportunity to confirm that the expectations of the campers match what camp can actually provide. 2. Camp is a highly participatory experience and its success is dependant on what campers bring to the table and their willingness to share, collaborate, and think big. 3. As with any program or event it is important to manage the size so that everyone who participates has an optimal experience!

Why would I come to an event that’s not totally planned?

We want it to be half-baked, so you can help bake the other half. Most creative people don’t fit into, and don’t want to fit into, fixed forms. This camp can conform to you. Ask someone who has been to an unconference, it is more like conversations than lectures. We believe you learn more by doing than by being told. Our structure is agile; it makes it easier to adapt and follow unexpected things that turn up. The schedule will build over the next month. If you decide it’s not for you, you can get a full refund before camp starts.

How do I ask a question that is not here?

Email Us.