ITP Camp 2022

Intro to data visualization, pt 3: industry panel

Session Leaders: Shirley Wu

Tags: #data #data art #dataviz

Created By: Shirley Wu

Have you wondered what goes into creating data visualizations? How do we collect data, and how do we decide on what data gets shown? How do we choose the visual language, and what tools and softwares do we use? What's the difference between data art and data visualization, anyway?

Join us if you're interested in these questions, or have questions of your own!


Caitlyn Ralph is the Studio Director at The Pudding’s in-house data journalism agency called Polygraph.

Jason Forrest is the Director of the Data Visualization Lab for McKinsey and Company and the Editor-in-Chief of Nightingale: The Journal of the Data Visualization Society.

Sarah Kay Miller is a Data Visualization Designer, most recently at Pentagram with Giorgia Lupi.


This is part 3 of a three-part series on data visualization:
1. Design
2. Code with SVG & D3.js
3. Industry panel