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Submit Creative Materials

The NYU Tisch School of the Arts Application for IMA involves two major components:


A couple of days after you submit the Common App, you will receive an email from NYU with a personalized link to the Artistic Review portal, where you can submit all creative materials. This portal will go live in the early fall.  Your creative materials will be DUE ONE WEEK after the specific deadline for the application type you are applying for (ie. Early Decision I, II, Regular Decision, Internal or External Transfer). If you have any questions or concerns, please email Please be mindful of these deadlines. Your application for admission will not be considered unless you submit your creative materials.

Creative Materials Submission Requirements


Please submit a document (PDF or DOC) with brief explanations of what you are submitting as creative materials. Please also include a short statement (about 100 words) about an example of interactive media that appeals to you. Can you describe a project idea that you would like to accomplish here at IMA, NYU? It’s okay if you don’t know how you would go about building it yet.


Please submit any work that shows the skills, creativity, curiosity, or generosity that you could bring to the emerging interactive forms we are inventing at IMA. We know that creativity does not just happen in art class so we want to read things you wrote, see any of your work, your musings, your tinkerings and experiments in any discipline.

This can be artwork, programming, DIY projects, songs or poetry you wrote, projects you were involved in, anything you made, the toaster you took apart to see how it worked, the treehouse you built, the videography you captured for the drama club, the activist work you spearheaded, to name a few.

If you have a personal website to show your work, you can simply share the URL. Another option is to upload individual files (jpgs, pdfs).

There are no minimum or maximum number of works or any particular mediums that we prefer or require. If you have a personal website to show your work, you can simply share the URL.


Use a webcam or smart phone to record yourself. We are not looking for special effects, as long as we can see and hear you clearly.  What are your areas of interest, or things that you care about, that might serve as content for future IMA projects?  What impact do you hope the work you do has? Keep it simple and show us your personality.  Please upload your video as a part of your online creative materials.

Limit: 1-2 minutes.


You may also submit a resume if you would like, though this is entirely optional. Please include your work experience, activities throughout high school, artistic accomplishments, and any other unique qualities.

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