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Interactive Media Arts

IMA offers a rigorous and exploratory course of study that teaches students fluency in many forms of digital interactivity, alongside an education in both the arts and liberal arts.

About Interactive Media Arts

The new interdisciplinary undergraduate Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interactive Media Arts

Information Sessions

Join us for an Information Session to learn more about Tisch’s new IMA Undergraduate Program.

Life in New York City

Your education is much more than a degree, it’s the start of a lifetime of learning in the greatest city.

Think of technology as a verb, not a noun. It provides the tools. Creative people provide immagination.


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🤩ITP/IMA Thesis Week 2021

📌 starts at May 11, 9 a.m. (EST)!

Please join us in celebrating the Class of 2021 by tuning in and watching them present their final thesis projects!

Link to Live Stream:

17 @ITP_NYU Go Local grad students staged their own live show on Shanghai’s trendy Wulumuqi Road. Here, students test out the installation “Sensor Battle” where participants use QR codes and phones to control toy cars. 🕹️🚙📱🚗

surprise surprise! we'll be live-streaming the @ITP_NYU @IMA_NYU Winter Show, an exhibition of creative interactive projects, beginning 730pm EST. This year everyone can also attend with us through YORB!

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Space is being held tomorrow—4/22 @ 3:30–5:00PM EDT—for @nyuniversity students to process the verdict in the case of Derek Chauvin’s murder of George Floyd. This open share space will focus on this moment in time, its nuances & global impact.


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