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Interactive Media Arts

IMA offers a rigorous and exploratory course of study that teaches students fluency in many forms of digital interactivity, alongside an education in both the arts and liberal arts.

About Interactive Media Arts

The new interdisciplinary undergraduate Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interactive Media Arts

Information Sessions

Join us for an Information Session to learn more about Tisch’s new IMA Undergraduate Program.

Life in New York City

Your education is much more than a degree, it’s the start of a lifetime of learning in the greatest city.

Our signature is collaboration - not competition.


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Sarah Rothberg (@sarahrothberg) and Marina
Zurkow’s (@zurkow) video project WHAT IS
HAPPENING at Fulton Center combines site-specific
drawings of the transit hub’s architectural elements
with text and animated collage!

🔗link in Bio!
(Photo Credit: Marina
Zurkow instagram)

Apply for ITP Camp 2021! All are invited:

Fri 4 Jun – Sun 27 Jun
$800 (all online)

ITP Camp is a summer camp for grown ups. It’s like the ITP graduate program put in the blender and smooshed into a month. Join us!

Whether you plan to return to campus for the Spring 2021 semester or not, all students, faculty, administrators, and staff must watch the "NYU Returns: COVID-19 Safety" video emailed to them by the stated deadline.

In a message to the NYU community, President Andrew Hamilton called the events of Jan. 6 in Washington "the worst desecration of American democracy perhaps any of us have known" and a "heartbreaking, damaging, and disgraceful ordeal." Full statement:


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