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Category: Projects

Organalle – Chuning Sun

Posthuman speculation of how wearables transform to our sensations as the being the extended skin. Keywords: Performance, Wearables Project website View Presentation Video Organelle is a speculative interactive wearable that envisions a ‘posthuman’ encounter and being touched by humans in the current time being –…

b5 – Peiling Jiang

b5 is for graphics, fast prototyping, and fun. Using blocks and wires, non-programmers can quickly build and share creative coding projects with the online editor featuring live coding and embedded documentation. Inspired by p5.js, b5 is multilingual and beginner-friendly. Keywords: Education, Product Design Project website…

Masses – Jianhao Ma

A content-moderating simulation game. View Project Presentation     Masses is a single-player web-based simulation game. The game simulates the job of inspecting and censoring contents on a fictional social media platform. Players play as the content moderator of a giant tech company in a…

The Unfinished – stoker kou

The Unfinished is an experimental instruction book about the art of incompletion. Keywords: Art Project website View Capstone Paper View Project Presentation Critiquing the flawed concept of ‘finish’ solely depending on the span of time spent, and the accuracy achieved to define ‘completion’ and to…

Architextile – Sama Srinivas

A thoughtful exploration and reflection into architecture's biophilic design and its applicability to textile design. Keywords: Culture, Art Project website View Capstone Paper View Project Presentation Currently, nature is used as a basis for decision-making in both architecture and textiles. Nature-influenced architecture can be found…

Nova pay – Robert Ye

An exploration into iterative design through designing an e-wallet app Keywords: Product Design Project website View Project Presentation Iterative design is a design methodology that continuously improves on a design on the basis of user testing(1). One design cycle generally encompasses four stages: prototyping, testing,…

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