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Category Programming and Data
Instructor David Stein
Course IMNY-UT 1
Units 2

Online – Non-Majors Only

This online 7 week course focuses on the fundamentals of computer programming (variables, conditionals, iteration, functions & objects) using JavaScript. In particular it leverages the p5.js creative computing environment which is oriented towards visual displays on desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones. The course is designed for computer programming novices.

What can computation add to human communication? You will gain a deeper understanding of the possibilities of computation–– possibilities that will augment and enhance the perspectives, abilities and knowledge you bring from your field of study (e.g. art, design, humanities, sciences, engineering). At first it may feel foreign, as foreign as learning a new language or way of thinking. But soon, once you get some basic skills under your belt, you’ll be able to make projects that reflect your own interests and passions.

The course is NOT open to students studying in Accra, London or Madrid due to legal Visa restrictions. It is also not open to NYU Shanghai students due to online course restrictions. Code! is taught with David Stein with videos by Daniel Shiffman.

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