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Design Fundamentals

Course IMNY-UT 261
Units 4pt
Day/Time 14 weeks
Prerequisites None

This class aims to provide students with the critical thinking and practical skills to explore and communicate ideas visually. This foundational course is a combination of lecture and studio format that will introduce the fundamental principles of design including typography, color, composition, branding and product design, and offer hands-on application of those principles through both in-class exercises and weekly assignments. The course will serve as a solid foundation of skills relevant to pursuing a degree in Interactive Media Arts and expose students to the myriad of opportunities a grounding in design principles opens up for them.

The format is a once per week 3-hour class. The structure of the class time will include the introduction of a topic each week including an in-class exercise, the introduction of a related assignment, followed by in-class presentations/discussion/critique of student work.

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