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Topics in Media Art: Video Art

Name June Paik Watchdog II, 1997

Video art is a time based media art form which emerged during the late 1960’s as video cameras and recorders became available to the general public. In this class we will look at both the history of video art as well as new ways of implementing video and time based media installation today. The course will examine performance, projection, video sculpture and interactive installation through a series of lectures and workshops. How do we create video artworks that move, emote and react to our presence? How is video used outside of a linear narrative to express thoughts, emotions, and ideas? How has video art and the technology associated with video changed with the introduction of smaller screens, cheaper cameras and interactive sensors? Through a series of weekly experiments and assignments, students will work with projection, video mapping and video cameras to hack time based media into meaningful works of art. Class will be divided between lectures, guest speakers and critical discussion/presentation of work.

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