IMA Faculty

Dan O’Sullivan – Chair

physical computing, computer programming, interfaces for your unconscious

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Shawn Van Every – Director of Undergraduate Studies

emerging technologies, media creation, interaction

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Marianne Petit – Faculty

digital media, storytelling, intersection of disability and technology

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Nancy Hechinger – Faculty

multimedia and film, interactive museum exhibits, strategic uses of information

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Thomas Igoe – Faculty

physical interaction design,  sustainability in technology development

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Dan Shiffman – Faculty

developing tutorials, examples, and libraries for Processing

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Clay Shirky – Faculty

networks, social software, technology’s effects on society

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Daniel Rozin – Faculty

interactive digital art, installations and sculptures, industrial design

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Allison Parrish – Faculty

when language and computers meet, computer programming, poetry, game design

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Gabe Barcia-Colombo – Faculty

mixed media art, memorialization, immersive performances, large scale projections

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Luke DuBois – Faculty

temporal, verbal, and visual structures of cultural and personal ephemera

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Marina Zurkow – Faculty

media artist focused on near-impossible nature and culture intersections

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Yue Yin – Faculty

programmatic approaches to composition and improvisation, poetry, choreography

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Luisa Pereira

intersection of technology, art, and music
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David Rios

physical computing, fabrication, educational systems, puzzles

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