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Coming from a background in theatre lighting design, Igoe believes that all interactive technology design should start with the motivations and actions of the people for whom they’re designed. His research interests include physical interaction design, networks, sustainability in technology development, and monkeys. At ITP, he is the area head for physical computing courses. He has written four books for makers and he is an occasional contributor to Make magazine. He is a co-founder of the Arduino open source microcontroller environment. He has consulted for various museums and interactive design companies as well. He is currently living a personal dream of working with monkeys, and wants to visit Svalbard someday.

Courses Taught:
Intro to Physical Computing
Understanding Networks
Tangible Interaction Design
Light and Interactivity
Connected Devices and Networked Interaction
Wildlife Observation Tools: Interaction in the Wild
Studio (Physical Computing)
Sustainable Practices
Networked Objects

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