Edible Arranging by Lilian Yang

Capstone 2022

Edible Arranging is a puzzle game where players can unwind and relax through the act of organizing food.


Organization content has been on the rise with Netflix shows, TikTok subgenres and even games. The engagement with organization content and organization porn goes to show the act of organizing scratches a certain itch in our brains that is drawn to order and control. It is found that this sense of control over our environment can bring a sense of calm and comfort. But can a game about organizing food help people relax? Can you combine the de-stressing effects of organizing and gaming into one combo to make the ultimate way to destress and relax?

Edible Arranging is a puzzle game in which players are tasked to organize groceries in the fridge without the pressures of time limits or punishments. By going through the iterative process of creating small prototypes, having users playtest, and evaluating the feelings of the players after each test, the game seeks to create a calming experience that leaves them relaxed and satisfied through smooth and seamless gameplay and pleasant audio and visuals. Through playtesting, it was found that players did feel more relaxed after playing the game. Thus Edible Arranging offers another approach to utilizing both games and the act of organizing as a way to de-stress and relax.


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Capstone (UG)