monouno by Thomas Chen

This web app helps to amplify the singularity in design in our current era from the perspective of mobile apps, where we can see a distinctive pattern of sameness.

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Nowadays through the influence of social media and other web-based products, our intakes are closely related to the different algorithms performed on platforms. In some way, the algorithm feeds the information to us without many active thoughts from humans. We are more vulnerable to be a part of a certain trend, a certain style. And this provides a kind of singularity or “dullness” in design. Of course, the algorithm is not the sole “culprit” in the homogenization in design. This web app helps the user to see the similarities between different mobile apps, simply click on your favorite app icon, and you will see the closest matched screen from a different app.


Class info

Capstone (UG)
Mobile,Product Design,UX/UI Design