Rockability by Apoorva Ramakrishnan

Capstone 2022

Rockability is a rhythm video game that allows the player to play a choice of songs using a choice of controllers that are accessible to people without motor control.


This project was created to address the issue of the lack of accessibility in rhythm video games for people with physical disabilities. There are many rhythm games that already exist like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, which have controllers that would require two hands and arm movement. Other rhythm game controllers, like the standard Xbox controller or a tablet, require fine motor skills. These controllers allow for an immersive experience for people with these abilities, but not everyone has this luxury. I would like to address this discrepancy by creating a rhythm game that allows for a variety of controllers. These controllers will be created with differently-abled people in mind so that they can choose whichever controller they think would be best for their abilities.

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Capstone (UG)
Machine Learning,Play/Games,Accessible