The Uncanny Sexuality of PostHumanity by Christshon Harris

Capstone 2022

A Sculptural work representing the physical body of a Post-Human Lifeform.


For this project I sought to create a life sized sculpture/bust that represents the concept of sSingularity and Post-Humanism through the exploration of a range of various sub topics— including Sexuality, Technological Interdependence, Bio-Modification, and Artificial Intelligence— as well as the ever growing novelty of technology. The goal was to create a likeness of a horror inspired lifeform that is familiar yet uncanny by taking concepts that are nearly universally recognized and shifting them in a way that makes them unfamiliar while also drawing inspiration from some of my favorite futurist artists including but not limited to; H.R. Giger, Jeffery Scott, Wangechi Mutu, Ikeuchi Hiroto & Dominic Elvin. The goal was to use my experience in multimedia sculpture paired with basic physical computing skills in order to create a pseudo machine that looks a lot more functional and expressive than any of its components would normally allow for on their own in order to sculpt my speculative depiction of the PostHuman form. In this piece I wanted to examine the different ways in which I could make a figure that serves as a distilled image of what sexuality and individual identity could look like in a PostHuman World, and how subtle deviations from what we usually see those things as would quickly be noticed and feel starkly different from what we are accustomed to.

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Capstone (UG)