Collective Play

Mimi Yin

Prerequisite: Creative Computing (IMNY-UT 101) OR equivalent coursework.

Collective Play: Remote

Rules of play shape competitive games from checkers to football. But how do the unspoken rules of interaction shape everyday life? And what happens when there are no established conventions and the rules are being made up as we go along, as they have been for the past 8 months of living with social distancing? In this course, we will explore, code and test design strategies for playful, serious and bizarre group interactions while at the same time interrogating the idea that “how you play” is a reflection of “who you are.”

In-Person Section: We will be meeting in-person at 370 Jay. Exercises will be physical while still abiding by the rules of social distancing. Projects will be designed specifically for synchronous, in-person interactions.

Remote Section: We will be meeting exclusively online. Exercises will be physical, but remote. Projects will be designed specifically for synchronous, remote interactions.

Interaction inputs we will play with will include: mouse, keyboard, mobile device sensors, and microphone. Outputs will include, visuals, text and sound. We will use p5, websockets and node.js for real-time interaction. Class time will be split between group improvisation exercises, playing with and critiquing examples and translating design strategies into code and logic.