Crystal Jow

Project Fellow

Crystal Jow is a Brooklyn-based experiential media artist and movement instructor specializing in creating immersive installations and meditative experiences that engage audiences and explore the connections between motion, media, and the human experience. Internationally recognized, she has conducted workshops and developed installations for institutions such as the J. Paul Getty Museum, Museo Municipal de Tossa de Mar in Spain, 20th Century Fox Studios, DGA Theater Complex, and more.

Crystal’s artistic practice emphasizes self-reflection and encourages viewers to examine the relationships within themselves, others, and their subconscious. As Jow Studio’s founder, she is innovating immersive experiences by integrating her expertise in movement practices, wellness data, meditation, and interactive technology.

Crystal holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in experimental animation from the California Institute of Arts and a Master of Fine Arts degree in animation and digital arts from the University of Southern California. Through her unique approach, she continues to push the boundaries of art and technology, inspiring audiences with her captivating creations.