ITP/IMA Dream Technologies and Educational parties with Angelos Floros

Thursday, May 2, 2024
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

ITP/IMA 4th Floor, Room 426
370 Jay Street, Brooklyn

Dream Technologies and Educational parties with Angelos Floros

The lecture is largely retrospective, summarizing 20 years of activity in the field of interactive media. A period of intense productivity at professional, educational and research levels. The talk initially focuses on the impact of data technologies on the language of modern times and concludes with the presentation of processes and results from the educational process of designing and implementing art practice projects in Greece.

Angelos Floros (ITP alum ’02) is active artistically, research and educationally in the field of interaction and its open technologies in artistic practice. He has a career of twenty years in the field of digital and interactive media, practicing, researching sensory and data technologies. His research work focuses on human’s experience with social and interactive media.

Event Details:

Thursday, May 2nd 2024
Room 426 – ITP/IMA, 4th Floor
370 Jay St, Brooklyn