Maya Williams

Instagram: @mxyxd_media


Maya E. Williams is a Black/American interdisciplinary artist and poet. Their work seeks to reconcile ancestral and emerging technologies to create more ecological ways of being, taking guidance from Black, Indigenous, and Queer cultural practices of caretaking/mutual aid and land stewardship. They often work with plants as non-human collaborators in order to challenge contemporary ideas about relationships between humans and the non-human world. Their work emphasizes taking up physical space through installation, object creation, performance, and events.

Maya holds a BA in Sociology from New York University Shanghai and recently graduated with an MPS from New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at Tisch. They are currently a research resident specializing in fabrication at ITP. They have shown work at ITP’s End of Semester Show (Spring 2022, Fall 2023, and Spring 2023); at Willoughby Walks 2023 presented by the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership (DBP); and as part of the School of Poetic Computation’s second Reading into the Past/Writing into the Future cohort.