Alan Winslow, ITP Alum, Part of Public Artist Spotlight in LA

Photograph on a large Downtown LA Billboard

StandardVision Artist Spotlight: Exploring the Introspection and Subtlety of Shoulder Seasons with Photographer Alan Winslow

This month, StandardVision is showcasing 3 works from artist, educator, and ITP alum Alan Winslow’s Edges of November series on the large-scale digital facade at the Courtyard Marriott LA Live until February 19th.

A project spanning 14 years, Winslow explores the world of shoulder seasons, those nuanced transitional phases that mark the shift between peak moments—the gradual freeze of winter ice or the subtle change of light triggering migration. Winslow also observes the impact of climate change, extending the duration of these moments and amplifying their significance. Throughout his travels, he has perceived these junctures as inherently introspective and serene, offering a space for solitude and reflection.

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