Silvia Rivera Alfaro

Project Fellow

“Silvia Rivera Alfaro is a Central American creative thinker and digital enthusiast who identifies as a feminist doing digital activist research. She is one of the creators of Indisciplinadxs: Feminist Linguistics, an international community of scholars, professionals, and activists. One of her current projects is the Repository of Feminist Linguistics. She is a student of Hispanic sociolinguistics at the Ph.D. Program in Latin American, Iberian, and Latino Cultures (LAILAC) and a Digital Fellow at CUNY Graduate Center. In that institution, she obtained a Certificate in Interactive Technology and Pedagogy. Currently, she is working on a digital dissertation that intertwines linguistic geography and feminist linguistics. Before moving to the United States, she obtained a bachelor’s Degree in Spanish Philology and a Master’s in Linguistics at the University of Costa Rica, where she also conducted research on the institutional language policy for the use of gender-fair language, taught language courses to national and international students, and worked as a proofreader for academic journals.