Topics in ITP: Form and Body

Leonard Cruz

This course is open to students wanting to enrich their body intelligence, expression, and embodiment in the creative process and making of digital product design. With the incorporation of Mindfulness and Laban Movement Analysis, students will be able to understand the body as architecture and the qualities of embodied movement which will provide a basis for dealing with form-finding processes. Body anatomy, body in space, body shaping the space, body perception, and body with material will be explored throughout the course. The student will learn various mindfulness techniques and will be able to mindfully interpret movement through self analyzation, viewing others, in discussion with others, and throughout many different explorations and projects. The main method for the course focuses on Laban’s 8 Effort Qualities which consists of: HARD/SOFT, DIRECT/INDIRECT, FAST/SLOW, CLOSED/ OPEN and will be explored, researched, and executed throughout the intensive two days. Students in this course do not have to have any formal training with movement/dance but must learn to be able to feel comfortable with explorations and performing alone, with props, spaces/environments and in a variety of situations for oneself and others whether it be formal/informal and or virtually.