The application for the Summer 2024 cycle is now available! Applications are open on a rolling basis, but will close by February 15. Apply now!

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The following materials are required to complete an application to the Low Res.

  1. Online application form
  2. Personal Statement – We would like to get a sense of who you are in your own words beyond what we can infer from your resume/CV. We want to know how your experiences, successes, and failures have shaped how you see the world, what ideas you have and what you want to do. We would also like to know more about your interest in pursuing this Low Residency Global MA. This year-long program will involve a unique series of contexts and environments, specifically 3 in-person sessions in Shanghai, Berlin, and New York City interspersed by 2 online semesters. Please tell us what most interests you about this structure and how you envision the sequence progressing over the 12 months. Limit: 1,000 words.
  3. Video Response – In a short video (1-2 minutes), we’d like you to tell us in your own words about the issues, local or global, that you care most about. These might be global concerns relatable across cultures and nations. Or they might be local topics primarily relevant to your individual home and personal experiences. Please share with us 2 or 3 areas of concern that are meaningful to you and what role, if any, do you think the creative application of technology plays in one/either/all of them. Note, this video does not need to be heavily produced. While we welcome your creativity, we are really interested in hearing what you have to say.
  4. Resume / CV
  5. Two letters of recommendations
  6. Official transcripts showing at least a bachelor’s degree
  7. English language test scores for non-native English language speakers
  8. Creative Portfolio (optional, but highly encouraged)
  9. Financial Aid form (if you are looking to apply for departmental scholarship aid (see more in the FAQ), please fill out this form (available after you submit your application). We will also send a reminder to all accepted candidates to fill out this form later in the process)



This program, like the ITP and IMA cultures from which it derives, is a creative, multidisciplinary environment in which diversity is valued and collaboration is encouraged. A background in art, design or computer programming is not required for acceptance into the program. We are looking for applicants from a diverse range of undergraduate educational and professional backgrounds who want a first-hand understanding of the production and implications of interactive media systems, from the devices and networks on which they run to the range of expressive possibilities which they afford. Demonstrating an interest in real-world challenges along with a desire to investigate current aesthetic, social, political and ethical issues is encouraged.

Acceptance into the program is competitive; enrollment is limited to applicants who show exceptional promise and are interested in collaboration and experimentation. Students must be able to commit to the full program of one summer session in New York (5 weeks), one January session in Berlin (2 weeks), one summer session in Shanghai (5 weeks), and two online semesters in the Fall and Spring. During the in-person sessions, the expectation is that your work-day time will be fully dedicated to the program. During the online sessions, there will be more flexibility with your time and schedule.

All applicants must apply online. Please note, for those also considering applying to NYU Tisch’s ITP, you will not be permitted to apply to both the Low Res and ITP in the same application year.

For additional information regarding admissions and the application process, please see the ADMISSIONS section on the FAQ page. You can also contact us directly at or sign up HERE for updates.



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