Bitchy Bags

David Steele Overholt

Bags and purses speak their mind based on proximity to each other in a wireless network.


Classes Networked Objects

Technology grows smaller as networks grow larger.

Bitchy Bags creates a light-hearted environment for people to consider the effects, both positive and negative, of our new found ability to connect nearly any physical object in the world to another.

Relationships, ubicomp, everyware, Trash Talk - wanting to personify and relate objects to each other in a thoughtful, humorous way
showing technology as both everywhere possible and dependent on our use, could be used wrong or right, etc.

those interested in ubicomp or don’t understand ubicomp, kids, parents, anyone with a sense of humor.

User Scenario
User picks up bag, walks away and hears different sound clips depending on its proximity and social relationship to other bags in the network

The plan is to use Xbee’s proximity (via signal strength) to determine which sound clip to play for which bag (the main components inside the bag with a small speaker or ear-bud wired up to the top of the strap on the shoulder).

The set-up I’m thinking of now (sooo many are possible) is a mom, her son, and her son’s boyfriend. When the boyfriend isn’t around the mom- the mom bitches about calling her back, when the girlfriend is away she gets pissy and then even more pissy when the son/boyfriend is around, the mom and girlfriend don’t get along either, etc. (I’m not sure if all they’ll do is bitch, there may be some kind of “perfect equilibrium” that can be reached so they don’t complain, not sure about that one yet).