Gazelena ( Gaiz- eh – leena )

Allistar D Peters
Meng Li

Can nipples capture the GAZE of the voyeurs, as the voyeurs watch the nipples?


Classes Sousveillance Culture

Gazelena is a female character with the futuristic style dress-wear outfitted with small surveillance cameras and domes and a small LCD screen.
We want to turn the camera on the onlooker, men, and women who longly glimpse, stare, and sometimes gawk at the female upper anatomy - breasts. We want to capture that GAZE and reveal the breasts POV to others behind and also to broadcast to the world.

Although many organizations and / or artists have tackled the issue of surveillance, exposing its problems and blatant misrepresentation, we do feel in everyday life that we with our busy lives are really powerless, or at least lacking in defenses, when it comes to combating and effectively addressing the problems of surveillance. I do feel that we may have some control over our person-to-person surveillance. In this scope we are taking certain liberties with the word SURVEILLANCE, as the authorities have taken liberties in many cases.

Any and Everyone in a public space and beyond.

User Scenario
A sexy woman stands in a public area. She is not only very eye catching but eccentric in her wears. She is very statuesque with aims to be idolized. People start staring, and at closer look see a man-made modification of her breasts. This triggers more stares, thus the Gaze. It hopefully inspires thoughts and conversations. In the back of her head there is a screen broadcasting real time views of the gaze to everyone behind and beyond. Who is...? What is...? Why...?

Surveillance cameras, clear plastic domes to house the cameras, small LCD screen, and the elaborate ultra sexy dress. And PLUS, the real model!