thirty stories

Liz Gallo

Thirty days, Thirty nights, Thirty dreams or maybe Thirty realities


Classes Thesis

Thirty Stories is a spoken word art piece presented in the form of a website. It is the story of a woman named Maya's life over the course of thirty days. Her life is not a conventional one and her days and nights question the distinction between reality, dreams, time, and space.
On the website you find audio tracks of her stories narrated in a spoken word style. Visually her image is depicted in photographs that place her in something of dream world. You will also find text of the stories and remixes of the audio that add to the understanding of Maya's world.
This project uses the Internet, specifically a website, as a new way to express poetry and spoken word thus creating the opportunity for a deeper more satisfying story.

Spoken word poets i.e. Saul Williams
Arabian Nights
Pillow Books

Anyone and everyone

User Scenario
A user comes home from work and listens to as many of the stories as they want. Maybe the look at images or read the text of their favorites.

This project is a very simple website that allows the user to listen to audio tracks, read the text of stories, or just enjoy the visuals.